The site that I have been working at off and on at is finally complete! I’ve learned so much about PHP and CSS by doing this. The finished product is the hardest thing to actually release because normally, you are your own hardest critic.

Most of it wasn’t all that difficult to actually code. Coming up with ideas for what to put out there and how to actually design it was.

A lot of credit go out to many people who gave me suggestions and helped make graphics, downloads and other things. The Fearless Few main site will be released this Friday. If someone comments about this on my blog, I will actually release it Thurday; I mean, there is no reason to delay it if it’s already done!

In other news, this is the first actual real post on my blog. It seems that blogging really does not serve much purpose other than just being a place to relay somewhat useless news. Either way, I guess it is enjoyable to blog.