Misc.The internet and the rise of liberalism

This is just a warning before any of you dive into this. This could possibly be different from your political views. If you are closed-minded, please stop and go away now before you waste your time. Lately (for the past year or so) I have developed an interest in politics. You may think this is wierd, but my views are rather conservative. I know right, OMG WTF A RIGHT-WINGER!!11!1! I have read my fair share of radical blogs, heard lots of speeches, watched hours upon hours watching various news stations. My opinions have formed based on me and me alone. I could delve into a whole sphiel about certain issues, but I’ll save that for a later posting. Right now, I am focused on one thing; the internet. It is nothing short of being the most revolutionary form of communication since the telephone. It allows people to express themselves and form a community regardless of location. The internet has brought many people together from all parts of the world. It would seem though that the internet attracts a certain demographic of the populus; people with liberal viewpoints. You can think of it this way, talk-radio is generally conservative and the internet is generally more liberal. Why does this matter?

If you take a poll from the internet and compare it to a poll by, per say, telephone, you would find that the results would be extremely different. Ron Paul, seriously? No. He is getting all of this bullshit hype about him on the internet because of his liberal point of view. This brings me to my next point. Extremest-left groups. It seems to be that it is a race on many sites to see who can comment with the most out-there idea. They blame the president for their problems. Yes, this is going to be shocking, I agree with President Bush on the war in Iraq. I’ll go into that in another posting too. It is ignorant to think that no one will make a mistake. We have to look at issues in retrospect instead of in a tiny bubble. We must think, how is this going to affect the people around us. Moveon.org is pure political propoganda. They want their way and they are lobbying Democratic candidates to go more radical in their ideas so they can have money to advertise their campaign. It comes down to being different. Ususally a liberal idea is one that is different from a usually more stable conservative belief. The internet has brought with it expression. Everyone wants to be popular and everyone wants to have an impact or make a difference in this global linked society. A forum and group I have started has gained over 400 members. Why? It could be luck, or it could be that it offered something a little new and different from other forums. The internet has been the enabler of many to get their voice heard. Someone reads a very radical blog rebeling against everything known to be true, tells their freind about it, they tell someone else and it is belived as truth. I will give an example. Imagine someone made a blog to prove the earth is flat. They tell their friends who tell other friends until eventually people will belive it as fact and deny any notion of a spherical Earth ever exsisted in the first place. We don’t know what is happening in Iraq. How do we know it the person reporting the news has any credabillity or whether or not they have an agenda to hurt a cause? New ideas are not bad, but ignorance of fame and popularity for their own entertainment is just plain wrong. No, there aren’t new liberals that are emerging, they just want us to think that. Well, that’s pretty much all of the unstructured writing that I feel like doing for now. Good night everyone. If you are interested on how out of touch and radical people on the internet are compared to anything else, check out this topic on the myresistance forums (you have to register, sorry, but it’s worth your time) http://www.myresistance.net/smf/index.php?topic=33882