Author: kanno41

  • 2023, full of adventures

    This year brought about tons of adventure for our family. We took trips to Wolf Run State Park (to camp), South Myrtle Beach, Oshkosh, Lake James, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. And nearly all with a 1–2-year-old. Whew! We had a ton of pictures and memories that were made on these trips that we will […]

  • 2022, a year in review

    As I sit here on the couch, I am reflecting on the wondrous joy it is to be a father. Watching Alan running around the house exploring brings joy to my heart. There is not anything special about what he is doing, but the mere experience of watching him learn makes me happy. We have […]

  • 2021, my son is born!

    This year has been one of the most joyful and life-changing of my entire life. My son was born this year in October. Val and I spent so long reading books, preparing the house, and going on adventures until the day of delivery. This post describes some of these adventures and how I have felt […]

  • 2020, the year of working from home

    This year started off hopefully. Val and I were going to go to Cambodia to support Fountain of Hope. However, in March, COVID-19 shutdown everything and sent our lives into Work From Home mode. This was two weeks after we planted into Omaha. It’s been a tough year for the entire world. It is difficult to […]

  • Farewell 2019

    The end of the decade is upon me. It’s crazy to think back over the last 10 years as to how different my life is than I imagined it. I imagined being a world class game developer, being single until I was 40, and never leaving the safety and comfort of the basement with my […]

  • 2018 is almost over!

    Another year is almost under our belts. This year brought forth adventures, trials, and joys. We went to Oshkosh in the Tri-Pacer and had plenty of maple-bacon ice cream. This is one tradition that I hope will not fade away. That ice cream is delicious. It’s been fun to get to fly as much as […]

  • Married!

    This is my 10th year of annual blog posts! I am married! Marriage is such a great privilege. Valerie and I had a fun wedding on April 8th and then we jetted off to Maui for our honeymoon. We are living in Clintonville and enjoying quiet apartment life. We saw Hamilton in New York and got […]

  • A great year

    This year had more excitement and adventure than I expected! I went to Cambodia on a mission trip to support Fountain of Hope. I got engaged to my fiancee Valerie. I had the incredible privilege of learning and teaching the Bible. I taught our college home church and high schoolers in New Albany. Nothing can […]

  • A technology nightmare

    It’s an incredible world we live in today. There are so many services to help us manage our lives and data in ways that we could not have imagined twenty years ago. However, I have a major problem that is starting to become quite burdensome. Here is my dilemma. I use many different services to […]

  • Life as an adult

    I am now an adult, here at age 25. I am enjoying my job at Battelle and getting to work on some really neat things. I am starting to lose my inquisitive sharpness and excitement for software development though since I haven’t done much app or video game development in quite some time. I feel […]