Tech.Web Design

Web 2.0 finally appears to be here and rocking.  I’ve been thinking lately, what exactly makes a website look, well, good.  There is one simple thing that makes a web page look professional; gradients.  Other things like a fixed percentage width also add to a 2.0 design, but gradients are likely the defining point of this web revolution.  It changes sites from This to This.  There are a lot of different examples, but this one is the most obvious.  Also, a dynamic site also defines this Web 2.0.  I have taken my shot at the 2.0 revolution, and ended up with This.  It may look simple on the front end, but every single thing on the page is dynamic, content will be added to the page based on whatever comes out of the database.  I have created mangement pages so every page, content, ect.. can be updated from anywhere.

The point is is that a revolution many years in the making is finally coming full-circle.  The next-generation of the Web is here at last, none of it possible without Photoshop created by Adobe.