Ahh the good life.

My blog has now turned into a once yearly blog.  As it so happens, I seem to post something about 1-2 a year.  The reason?  I would attribute this to being “busy.”  What does “busy” mean?  Well, I’d say, but I don’t have time.  I’ll give it a go in one sentence.  Mainly stuff related to school at The Ohio State University full time, working with enflight.com (awesome web-based flight planning software), flying to Oshkosh, working with Soulfire Software on an XNA animation tool and game, the Ohio Aviation Association website, fixing and building various computers, and working at OSU Airport maintaining their intranet site,Osuairport.org and the Aviation Department website, both in Silverlight, and ASP.NET versions.  I do pretty much all of this on a daily basis.  To say that I have bitten off more than I can chew is an understatement.  It’s a challenge, certainly, to keep it all straight in my head.  Languages needed for the above projects: PHP,HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP.NET (built my own CMS), WPF/Silverlight (XAML), XML, C# (XNA Framework), VB.NET, and C.  Oh, and flying airplanes is cool too, I guess.  I’m still working on my IFR rating amongst other things that are missing from this short list.

I’m going to go to bed now.  I think I need it pretty desperately at the moment.

1 thought on “Ahh the good life.”

  1. Hi m8!
    My name is Santiago, and I writting from Spain. I casually found your once-yearly-blog and read the Oct. 3, 2009 post. It was quite interesting! You do a lot of work! But… I don’t know nothing about your personal life… but if you think you’re busy… have a baby. You won’t need anything else to be BUSYYYY!!
    Well, now I know you are named Kenny. I’m Santiago. Pleased to meet you. And too I now how I found your blog… looking on Google for something related to Torohosts. And I found your site “http://kanno41.com/clist/display.php”. I’ve been playing the PC game “Delta Force Black Hawk Down” since 2004 (long time, isn’t it?). Some months ago I joined the Torohosts clan, whose leader was G7RYE (British). Last year (2008) Novalogic (the owner of the game) decided to renew it (the game) and removed a feature that allowed everyone with an unregistered copy of the game to join in multiplayer mode. So only those with a “legal” copy of the game could log-in and play on-line. That was the end of the game. It has been slowly dying since then until nowadays, that only a handful of people log-in.
    I don’t want to disturb you with my thoughts, but I needed to tell somebody.
    The day before yesterday the leader of the Torohost clan decided to “call it a day” and stop hosting games and supporting the website “www.torohosts.co.uk”. Without any reason, from one day to the next, he just did it. Definetely, this is the end of this game. It’s curious how can one see the creation of something, how it goes to the top, and how it sinks and is forgotten until death.
    I’m depressed! But you have your own pilot license!! Give me a ride!!
    Nice to meet you, your one-yearly-blog, and some of your web pages. Good job!
    Best regards from Spain.

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