Life as an adult

I am now an adult, here at age 25. I am enjoying my job at Battelle and getting to work on some really neat things. I am starting to lose my inquisitive sharpness and excitement for software development though since I haven’t done much app or video game development in quite some time. I feel truly satisfied as a result of knowing God and developing sweet friendships in our Voltron bible study. I feel that I’ve accomplished everything I’ve set out to do in my life, and I want to use my time to help others and serve. This has truly been the greatest period of my life. I also seem to be at a cross-roads. Most of my life has been focused on my needs and my will. It’s incredibly difficult, yet rewarding to think about others as more important than myself. I seek different things than I would have imagined myself seeking. I simply don’t want anything more out of life, because I am filled up in the most important things. Being married or not, leading a home church or not, studying the Bible with friends or not, I know that it is drawing near to God that fills me up.

Flying is still fun. I flew to Oshkosh this year despite an incredible amount of drama with the annual. A cylinder needed to be replaced, but no one had any stock of that particular model available. It took months of beautiful flying weather for everything to get worked out. Apparently our propeller had never been approved with the Tri-Pacer, yet it had been flying with that prop for over 40 years! I ended up buying a new propeller, and everything worked out to make it to Oshkosh and camp for several days. Approval for our old propeller finally came through several months later. Along with a new magneto and a new vacuum pump, it’s been an expensive year as an aircraft owner. I did get to fly 20 hours within the next month after having the airplane back in service. Flying as the leaves had all turned color in the fall was absolutely beautiful.

Is it time to settle down or is it time to put the foot on the gas? My personality will not let me rest, so I’d imagine putting the foot on the gas is going to happen. Get ready world. Here I come.