A great year

This year had more excitement and adventure than I expected! I went to Cambodia on a mission trip to support Fountain of Hope. I got engaged to my fiancee Valerie. I had the incredible privilege of learning and teaching the Bible. I taught our college home church and high schoolers in New Albany. Nothing can match the joys and trials this year has brought forth.
The airplane has been in the maintenance hangar for over 5 months. My dad and I recovered the elevator in our garage, which turned out to be the adventure. A week before my Cambodia trip he had a stroke. I am thankful that He is recovering well. It was a scary time for sure. We finished the elevator then found out that there were 3 cracked cylinders on the engine! Ahh! The GPS still isn’t working, but the plane is ready for flight.
I am 26 and overwhelmed with how much knowledge and experience I have. I am also overwhelmed by my minimal knowledge I have in these areas.