2020, the year of working from home

This year started off hopefully. Val and I were going to go to Cambodia to support Fountain of Hope. However, in March, COVID-19 shutdown everything and sent our lives into Work From Home mode. This was two weeks after we planted into Omaha.

It’s been a tough year for the entire world. It is difficult to change the way we live life. Masks, no indoor dining, not seeing my parents much or hanging out with friends or co-workers. The vaccine is coming in 2021, hopefully everything will be back to normal by next year.

Flying the Tri-Pacer is still lots of fun! We did at least get to go on a trip to Panama City Beach, Florida. We had absolutely perfect weather as we flew down and as we flew back. I will never forget how beautiful it was flying south of Norris Lake. It is a great privilege.

The exciting things have been in spaceflight. The first humans launched on Falcon 9 rocket this year, and the Starship SN8 prototype flew for the first time. SLS is almost ready to go.