Aviation.Private Pilot

Well, sorry for not updating for a couple months, but I have been extremely busy lately. Last week on my 17th birthday, I passed my check ride and earned my Private Pilot’s license! 17 is the earliest age which you can get your private pilot’s license. Because many people don’t know what it takes to get a private pilot’s license, I’ll give you a brief overview. You must have a student pilot’s license, meaning you have to go find an FAA Medical examiner because you need a medical certificate to make sure you are healthy enough to fly. With your student pilot’s license, you can not fly passengers. You can only fly with a flight instructor. After enough time and instruction, he will endorse your logbook (Logbook is required to keep track of flights and such while being a student pilot) so that you may solo an airplane all by yourself. As a student pilot striving for a private pilot’s license, you need 40 hours of flight time. 20 hours must be with an instructor and the other 20 must be solo time. The regulations make you do a certain number of night flying, cross-country, and solo hours that make up the 40 hours. You must also pass a 60 question knowledge test to show that you know all of the rules, regulations ect.. It all came down to the wire, and I passed everything. I am so proud that I was able to achieve this. It’s truly a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Now I can fly passengers and go anywhere I want to whenever (Not that I will, of course 😛 )