Author: kanno41

  • Tech.Web

    So the mainsite is only one day off. Everything is ready. Why don’t I just show off the site tonight? I don’t know. I guess I like to savvor the momment for as long as I can. I have been distracted from everything else by this whole project. In other news, I have turned lazy […]

  • Tech.Live

    The site that I have been working at off and on at is finally complete! I’ve learned so much about PHP and CSS by doing this. The finished product is the hardest thing to actually release because normally, you are your own hardest critic. Most of it wasn’t all that difficult to actually code. Coming […]

  • TeCH 403

    For testing’s sake… 403 status code means forbidden, as in the site isn’t to be seen yet.

  • TeCH 404

    So, as soon as this page actually works, we’ll be all set. HTTP status code:404 is Page Not Found. This is the first live post, killing the 404.