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  • Aviation.Private Pilot

    Well, sorry for not updating for a couple months, but I have been extremely busy lately. Last week on my 17th birthday, I passed my check ride and earned my Private Pilot’s license! 17 is the earliest age which you can get your private pilot’s license. Because many people don’t know what it takes to […]

  • Dynamic Script tags

    It must be the future!  People have used a certain term, AJAX recently to make stealthful requests only the same domain.  This doesn’t work in my case because and can not access each other via AJAX.  One option down, and a Google search to go.  I was looking at something called a dynamic script tag […]

  • Tech.Web Design

    Web 2.0 finally appears to be here and rocking.  I’ve been thinking lately, what exactly makes a website look, well, good.  There is one simple thing that makes a web page look professional; gradients.  Other things like a fixed percentage width also add to a 2.0 design, but gradients are likely the defining point of […]

  • Life.Who Cares?

    Hmm, recently I’ve been thinking about what to blog about.  I have realized that this blog is basically for my own personal gain more than anything.  It’s more of a record that I’ll look back to some time from now to realize a distant memory. If someone reads my blog, good for you, hopefully it’s […]

  • Aviation.Cross Country

    Today was my day for flying with an instructor on a cross-country flight. For those of you who have no clue what i’m talking about, a cross country flight is defined as a flight with a distance longer than 50 nautical miles (wiki it). For those of you who didn’t know, I am a pilot […]

  • Misc.The internet and the rise of liberalism

    This is just a warning before any of you dive into this. This could possibly be different from your political views. If you are closed-minded, please stop and go away now before you waste your time. Lately (for the past year or so) I have developed an interest in politics. You may think this is […]

  • Life.Summer

    Finally, that wonderful time is here. I have sucessfully wasted my first day of summer by doing close to nothing. I am pretty excited that I will be a senior next year and own the school. Freshman keep getting more annoying each year.

  • Life.Tribute

    Ahh, Memorial day. This is the day in which we honor and give tribute to all who have given the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom. If it were not for these brave men and women, we might not even have the right to say what we please as we do. I got then to […]

  • Music.Comp

    I have finally finished my first actual composition for music theory class. It ended up being 45 measures long and I think it sounds pretty sweet. A SaX quartet offered to play it, and we will be recording it on Thursday and I will probably put up a link to it here once we get […]

  • Tech.Web

    So the mainsite is only one day off. Everything is ready. Why don’t I just show off the site tonight? I don’t know. I guess I like to savvor the momment for as long as I can. I have been distracted from everything else by this whole project. In other news, I have turned lazy […]